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Institute for Astrological Mathematics 7/2001

Conception problems through geopathogenic zones
and electro-magnetic fields

There are a couple of causes for conception problems and premature birth. These problems you should generally discuss with your medical doctor.

We want to hint to one factor, often underestimated and not considered by medical authorities: the location of bed or work place and its contamination by radiation. If the bed of man or woman is strongly stressed or contaminated, conception might be extremely difficult or a premature birth occurs.

Stress at bed location can be:

Geopathogenic stress zones above subterranean water currents (often only referred to as earth radiation).

Geopathogenic stress zones above shifts in the earth crust or energy grids (Curry zones or Hartmann streaks).

Electro-magnetic fields from electrical devices (TV, radio alarm clock) in the bedroom, sometimes under the bed, or in adjacent  rooms. Such devices may even be a source of irritation while switched off (correctly switched poles!).

All these stress factors lead to disturbed sleep, a weak because stressed immune system, loss of energy, disturbances in cellular metabolism and hormonal disturbances. Especially the Austrian dowser Mrs. Käthe Bachler has collected and published many case samples.

All three factors mentioned above can be measured by a good dowser who in addition to geopathogenic factors also measures the electro-magnetic stresses.

The safest means for neutralizing geopathogenic zones is to move the bed to a safe location. This action could possibly collide with your ideas of interior decoration!  You can neutralize the electro-magnetic fields by special automatic fuses, which switch off electricity in the bedroom at night time.


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