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Natural contraception and child planning
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Your personal lunar phase calendar

Based on your birth dada we calculate your personal lunar phase calendar. The calculation is done exactly by day and time for your personal lunar phases optimal for conception. The calculated lunar phases are marked in your calendar for 12 months starting the month after order date or any month that you specify. Also marked are the security periods before and after the exact lunar phases.

The calculation will be based on your time and location of birth and is done for the time zone that you live in now - to the exact hour and minute!

Day and time for the personal lunar phases are the same for contraception and child planning. Nevertheless it is important that you specify the type of calendar that you would like to order

Sun.gif (262 bytes)    calendar for contraception
Sun.gif (262 bytes)    calendar for child planning
Sun.gif (262 bytes)    calendar for child planning with selection of child's sex

because the calendars differ in several details.

We also deliver detailed instructions for determining the probable time of ovulation according to the menstrual cycle. By combining both methods you are able to enhance safety from 85% to 98%.

For achieving correct results it is essential to follow the instructions. Our service does not include medical counselling or diagnosing. But we are happy to give you any help by phone or email regarding the correct use of the calendars.

Applying the Lunar Phase Method for Astro Birth Control is easy !

If you would like to have your personal calendar calculated, please fill in the order form and check the appropiate box according to the intended use: contraception, family planning or planning plus selecting the child's sex. You may also vote for a special date from which the calendar should start.
Please send the order (please print it out first by using the print function of your browser) together with the fee to the mail address given at the bottom of the order form.

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