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What is the Lunar Phase Method?


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How do I apply the method?

For each woman who wants to apply this natural method those personal dates (and times) are calculated which are optimal for conception according to the lunar phases.

The days of the exact phase as well as security margins before and after the exact phases are marked in your personal calendar. Twelve months will be calculated and marked in the calendar starting from  the month following the order month.

Using this calendar makes it easy to either avoid sexual intercourse or use alternative methods (for contraception) or to plan it especially then (for child planning). Also it becomes possible by using the proper lunar phases to preselect the sex of the child in advance.

You should consider the fact that according to the published scientific data the lunar phases determine the readiness for conception with a probability of 85%. To enhance security to a level comparable to the safety of the anti-baby pill (according to the discoverers) you also have to consider your menstrual cycle and mark the appropiate days in your calendar additionally. To be able to do this a detailed instruction is going with the calendar.

Once you have added the days of your menstrual cycle in the calendar it will only be necessary to have a look at the calendar in the morning to see if you are ready for conception or not, That is all it takes!




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