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The Lunar Phase Method

Astro-Birth-Control is based on the application of the lunar phases related to the readiness for conception. This is a natural method, which can be applied - according to your own preference - for both contraception or child planning including the extra option of selecting the sex of the child  successfully in advance. It is easy to use and suitable for every woman.


Lunar phases developing

What is a lunar phase? You know the appearances of a full moon, a new moon or a crescent moon. These are special lunar phases or appearances of the moon. But also all the other stages of the moon's waxing or waning are called lunar phases. All of these phases astronomically relate to a corresponding angle of the sun and moon to each other.

According to the Lunar Phase Method a woman will most probably (85% probability) become pregnant if the actual lunar phase is identical to the lunar phase at the time of her own birth. So if for example a woman is born at new moon she has a 85% probability of becoming pregnant at any new moon!  A woman's menstrual cycle and several other factors determine the remaining 15% probability of conception.

The newly discovered lunar cycle is regular and constant for the whole life and is not subject to any changes, which is quite different in the case of the menstrual cycle. Because with nearly every woman both cycles, the lunar and the menstrual, have different lengths, they shift against each other. This leads to the interesting phenomenon that the most fertile days of a woman (according to her lunar cycle) sometimes are during her menses! This also explains why many women have conceived immediately before, during or after their menses, which are days that are traditionally considered as relatively safe.

So according to these discoveries every woman has two completely independent cycles:

  the lunar cycle and
  the known menstrual cycle!

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