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History of discovery

In medicine it is known that although there are several methods available for defining the infertile and fertile days of women, quite often women have conceived on supposedly safe days and for others their wish for a baby could not be fulfilled, although the couple had observed the supposedly fertile days. The methods used up to now to determine the days of ovulation - the fertile days - have not proved to be either accurate nor reliable.

Since back in the 50s medical doctors in Austria and Eastern Europe had studied  the relation between lunar phases and a woman's period of fertility. They were very aware of the intimate connection of human life with the cosmos and cosmic tides (especially influences of sun and moon). While studying ancient manuscripts they came across information that indicated that in ancient times a woman's period of fertility was considered to be related to certain phases of the moon. Seen with the eyes of modern science and its knowledge of solar und lunar influences on terrestrial life this thought does not seem too far fetched nowadays. We now know a good deal more about influences on animals, plants and humans by the moon or by the activities of the sun (e.g. sun spots).

After having performed broad empirical studies, it was discovered that the determining factor for conception was the angular position of the moon relative to the sun at the time of birth of the woman! For every angle of the sun and moon to each other there is a corresponding phase of the moon (we are familiar with the full moon and new moon, but usually don't realize that each stage of the moon's waxing and waning is called a lunar phase). This was confirmed by doctors and scientists in Eastern Europe and by the Max-Planck-Institut in Heidelberg.

Meanwhile this newly discovered knowledge on lunar phases and their relation to the female conception process became known all over the world.

Today every woman can practice a natural birth control by utilizing the lunar phases. She can do this much more reliable than before while using only the data of her menstrual cycle. Today the Lunar Phase Method is known as cosmobiological or astrological birth control, short Astro Birth Control.

At this point we would like to inform you that Western medical authorities do not recognize neither the discovery nor the efficiency of the lunar phase method. The first research publications appeared exclusively in East European media.



Institute for Astrological Mathematics    -   Dreieich / Germany