Astro Birth Control
Natural contraception and child planning
by lunar phases


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Mail Order
I order a personal calendar for my lunar phase cycle for 12 months
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beginning at order month
beginning at <month/year>: __________________________
I want to claim the right for a 14-days grace period for a possible cancellation of this order. Please start the calender production 14 days after receiving this order and the payment. (see "legal information" at the end of order form).
Orders from countries other than Germany
(calculation will be done for your time zone)
Euro US $
Contraception 35,- $ 45.-
Child planning 35,- $ 45.-
Planning + Sex selection 55,- $ 65,-
All prices incl. packing, postage & German VAT, US $ fees incl. currency conversion. Payment due with order in either way:  
1. from Europe in Euros only a) cash, b) check from German bank, c) bank transfer (details on request: email), d) check from non-German bank - please add Euro 15.- for bank fees.
2. from Overseas in Euros or US$:  a) cash, b) Western Union money transfer  (, recipient: Christel Limpach-Buerkner, Dreieich, Germany
, after payment please notify us by email.
Thank you!

The personal data transferred to us will be stored electronically to process the order and are kept strictly private and confidential and will not be passed on to any other organisation or person. Calculation is done for the time zone of  your present location, also the time zone of your birthplace is taken into account.

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No guarantees are given and no liabilities accepted. Please see "Exclusion of guarantees and liabilities" further down. I declare that I have read and accepted the terms of trade.

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Please return to:
Institute for Astrological Mathematics, C. Limpach-Bürkner
Buchwaldstr. 19, D-63303 Dreieich, Germany

Exclusion of guarantees and liabilities

The IAM will undertake to provide calculations for clients on the strict understanding that this data is for educational and guide purposes only and is in no way to be considered as medical advice or recommendation for application. Each client uses the method and instructions at one's own risk. The IAM does not offer or imply any guarantees, especially not for successful  contraception, conception or pregnancy. We would like to point out that also a proper application of the calculations and the calendar does not guarantee a certain success or the prevention of a certain success. Especially we cannot guarantee or take liability for the correctness and efficacy of the lunar phase method and the scientific research on which the method is based.
Any liabilities for consequences which might result or not result from using our services for certain purposes, especially an unwanted pregnancy, are excluded. Exceptions from the before mentioned limited or excluded liabilties are those consequences which IAM deliberately or extremely carelessly brought about.

Legal information on order cancellation

Right of order cancellation

You may cancel your order within two weeks by a text document (e.g. letter, fax, email) without having to declare any reasons. The grace period begins earliest with getting knowledge of this legal information. To claim the cancellation right it is sufficient to post or email the cancellation in time.
(important: see  "special information" further down!)

Send the cancellation notice to:

Institute for Astrological Mathematics
Christel Limpach-Bürkner, Buchwaldstr. 19, D-63303 Dreieich, Germany
Email:, Tel: +49 (0)6103 967819

Results of cancellation

In case of a legally valid cancellation both partners have to resend any received goods or values and eventual usages made thereof. If you cannot return the received goods completely or partially or in a detiorated condition you have to compensate for this financially. You can avoid the compensation by not using the delivered goods as an owner and refrain from all actions which would lessen the value of those goods. Goods deliverable by mail service (parcels) may be returned at our costs and danger. If returning a delivery under € 40.- you have to pay the return costs, if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered items. Goods not deliverable by mail service will be collected at your site.

Special information

Because in calculating and manufacturing a calendar as a personal service to you, a right for cancellation is only possible through checking the box on the order form, stating that you want to have a 14-days grace period for order cancellation before we start production of the calendar. Your right for cancellation expires prematurely if we have started executing the service with your explicit consent before the end of the grace period or if you initiated the execution yourself (for example by not marking the checkbox for the 14-days cancellation period).

Dreieich, 11.6.2004

End of legal information for order cancellation




Institute for Astrological Mathematics    -   Dreieich / Germany