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Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of the Lunar Phase Method?

The application of the Lunar Phase Method, combined with the monitoring of a woman's menstrual cycle, offers for the first time a method of birth control (contraception and child planning) that is absolutely natural and safe, and at the same time offers the same degree of certainty as the pill, but without its side effects!

Of equal importance is the advantage the Lunar Phase Method offers to couples experiencing difficulties in conceiving a child. Consideration of the corresponding optimal days of both cycles can indicate which days are most promising for conception, of course considering and utilising the traditional medical treatments, too. Most optimal for conception seem to be those days on which the fertile days of both cycles are identical.

Is this method suitable for every woman?

This method can be used successfully and safely by every woman because it requires no changes in the body's natural functions and so is free from any side effects.

We recommend that every woman who wants to apply the method should do this always with the consent and agreement of her partner. So he will show the necessary understanding if on some days she is not ready for unprotected sex. Especially younger women who might fear to loose her partner if they are not ready every day should talk to her partners openly.

How reliable is the method?

The reliability of the method is scientifically proven. Austrian and East European medical doctors at  maternity clinics verified the first findings in empirical studies and research projects with hundreds, later with thousands of women. The results of the initial research were fully proven: the most important cycle for contraception is the lunar cycle according to the phases of the moon, the less important cycle is the known menstrual cycle.

The success rate of the method approaches a proven 98% when used in combination with traditional methods for calculating fertile days.

This record matches or even betters the average safety of different types of contraceptive pills (Pearl-Index)!

How do I proceed after having stopped taking the pill?

After having stopped taking the pill you should wait at least 3 months before starting to apply the lunar phase method. In any case the regular natural cycle should have re-established itself. This may take an even longer time than the mentioned 3 months.

How far spread is the method?

Currently there are many doctors throughout Europe and US, especially homoeopaths, who recommend the use of the Lunar Phase Method (Astro Birth Control).

Although the researches performed by the East European and Austrian doctors were performed with more than 30.000 women, observing the necessary scientific criteria, and although 30 years of worldwide experiences of applying the method are available one may wish for a stronger circulation of this knowledge. Here women and women's leagues may want to look still more after their interests!

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