Astro Birth Control
Natural contraception and child planning
by lunar phases


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Topic: The Lunar Phase Method
Topic: Natural birth control, general
Topic: Lunar influences in our life
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  The Lunar Phase Method


The standard book on lunar phases and birth control:

Cosmo-Biological Birth Control
by Shalila Sharamon, Bodo Baginski

Book Description
This book gives a detailled description of the lunar phase method as discovered and developed by East European doctors. With this natural method every woman can easily determine her most fertile days and use this knowledge to avoid a pregnancy. This system also holds much promise for all those couples who wish to have a child, since it includes a means of determining the most favourable time for conception and also provides information on whether it's a boy or a girl!




The new natural astrological way to birth control
by Robert Choy

Astrological birth control
by Sheila Ostrander

Book Description
Describes the origin and advantages of the lunar phase method, also named astro birth control.



The Lunar Cycle : Astrological Fertility Control
by Francesca Naish

Book Description
Using a discovery that women can conceive at times in their cycle other than their ovulation time as a basis for natural fertility control, Francesca Naish describes such topics as lunar influences on fertility, how to synchronize the hormonal and lunar phase cycles, contraception and conception, astrological influences on fertility, sex selection of children and lunar phase cycle influence on male fertility. This book includes an impressive selection of case histories.

  Natural birth control, general

Lunaception: A Feminine Odyssey into Fertility and Contraception
by Louise Lacey 

Book Description
Highly informative about advantages and disadvantages of chemical and natural birth control.
  Lunar influences in our life


Moon Time: The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles
by Johanna Paungger, Thomas Poppe (Contributor)

Book Description
The art of harmony with nature and lunar cycles. Challenging but hugely beneficial information.This book is the English translation of the hugely popular German book "Aus eigener Kraft".
For the 'modern' western mind, the subject of lunar influence on our lives may sound esoteric and far-fetched, but once you start applying some of Johanna's and Thomas' advice, you will realize its relevance and practical application.

The Lunar Effect : Biological Tides and Human Emotions
by Arnold L. Lieber


  Astronomy and the moon



Patrick Moore on the Moon
by Patrick Moore

"When I began studying the moon, in the 1930s... space travel was officially dismissed as science fiction," says British astronomical fixture Moore, who has been host of BBC TV's The Sky at Night for 40-plus years, is a fellow and former president of the Royal Astronomical Association and is the author of Guide to the Moon, first published 50 years ago. Moore clearly and cheerfully expounds on the moon's origins, features, atmosphere, structure, eclipses, human visitors and relationship to the earth, as well as lunar myth and study across the ages. Illus.





Role of the pineal gland in the regulation of ovulation
by B‚ela Mess


Institute for Astrological Mathematics    -   Dreieich / Germany